Baby friendly biscuits with mango and oatmeal flakes

updated by Ioana Serea on 5 March 2021

Biscuits with mango and oatmeal flakes

I like to try new things in the kitchen, that’s for sure!

But when the result is a totally success, and all the family members are thrilled, well, for me that’s very fulfilling!

This recipe of biscuits is one of my TOP 3, and I would like the whole planet to know about them and to try them!

With baby steps I’ll reach that point 🙂

Until then, I am grateful to you, those who watch me, I thank you for the bottom of my heart, and I promise I do my best in sharing with you some great recipes! 


  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Mango
  • Oatmeal flakes
  • Sunflower oil