Overnight oats with hazelnut butter and bananas for babies

published by Ioana Serea on March 13, 2022

Overnight oats with hazelnut butter and bananas for babies

As time goes on, the children grow up, paradoxically or not, and I have less and less time!! My projections about when the kids will be old enough to play alone when I'm preparing something to eat… well… let's say the home plan does not match the one in the fair :))

So, I came back "with the handbrake", and I ended up resorting to those recipes that do not even require baking, boiling or anything else, those that are made by themselves!

Such is this recipe, which you will fall in love with immediately, I promise!


Preparation mode:

Place the oatmeal, chia seeds, and the milk in a container. Stir well, cover and put in the cold overnight.

In the morning remove from the fridge and add the banana mashed with a fork, hazelnut butter and carob.

Serve with pleasure!

Good appetite and increase in cooking!

With love,


PS: The shredder is from Kenosis ! I recommend their products, being well worked and quality!