Arugula salad with sweet corn and green onions

published by Ioana Serea on February 22, 2022

Arugula salad with sweet corn and green onions

This recipe comes with a confession: with salads we can "play" in the same way and face … We can add or remove ingredients from them, replace some ingredients with others, put more of one ingredient that we like, and less of another.

If we choose to do this, it is good to have the minimum of knowledge regarding how the flavors of the ingredients merge.

For example, in this recipe, if we replace the green onion with white or red onion, or we change the sesame oil with olive oil or sunflower oil, we get a completely different salad.

So, if you are not sure of some changes in ingredients with others, go for sure with the ready-tested and shared recipes!

Ingredients for 2 servings:

🥗 100g arugula

🥗 250g sweet corn

🥗 30g red beans

🥗 5 strands of green onions (I took from La Gospodarie )

🥗 1 avocado

🥗 80g whole ton in its own juice

🥗 1/2 lemon (her juice) (I took from The Linden Grocery )

🥗 sesame oil (I got from Dried Fruits Supplier )

🥗 optional salt and pepper (recommended for children older than 1 year+)

Preparation mode:

Wash the arugula and dry it well. Wash the sweet corn and red beans (if you use canned food) and drain them well.

Cut the green onions into small slices. Cut the avocado into small cubes.

Put all the ingredients in a generous caston (preferably plastic), on top of it put a bowl (preferably all plastic) with a slightly larger diameter, and mix all the ingredients well, as in a cocktail shaker.

You will be able to mix all the ingredients well, and you will get a delicious dressing from lemon juice, sesame oil, salt and pepper.

Spore to the kitchen and good appetite!