Cream of red beets and ricotta for babies

published by Ioana Serea on January 26, 2022

Cream of red beets and ricotta for babies

Simple recipes, easy and quick to make, but especially tasty and healthy, are always welcome to my kitchen.

And when we talk about 3 ingredients, without baking, boiling, or other thermal process by which we prepare food, you have well, this is already love at first sight … and at the first tasting!

I saw this recipe at Andreea from and I tried it only because! I'm so glad I did, and I encourage you to try it too! You will be very excited!


  • 500 g beetroot (I used vidata
  • 250 g yogurt (I took from The Linden Grocery )
  • 250 g ricotta

Preparation mode:

You can prepare this cream in two ways, one simpler than the other!

One of them does not involve any allelerocasnic, and is available to anyone!

Give the beets on the large grater. Add the ricotta and the yogurt and stir.

Ready! So simple! And as tasty as it is!

Another way, just as simple and fast, you can find it in detail in the video below.

Differences between the two creams prepared in different ways, lies in the texture of the preparation. In the first case, you see it gets a creamy texture but with the fine pieces of beets, and in the second case, a super fine cream.

Spor the buacatrit si pofta bună!

With Love,